My name is Hal Leonard. I started writing all the way back in high school – many years ago.  I have always been ambitious, as well as scattered. More ideas than time, and a strong desire to do it all. Well, as I’ve gotten older – really in the last year or so – I’ve tried to rein in that part of my personality somewhat. Yes, I still want to do it all – and I hope that someday I will have time to do more. But I have to make decisions and set priorities, and for me, for right now, those priorities are writing.

I always figured that I would be a writer ‘when I grew up’, but sadly that has still not happened. So, time to make amends for that. Time to become a writer.

I hope that you will join me on my quest to become a writer. Please follow my musings and progress on my blog, or feel free to connect with me via my mailing list.  Thank you for reading this far, and thank you for your support.

– Hal